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Learn an easy lesson from Uber

Uber doesn’t seem to have done its homework before rolling out all over the country. Boise is just the latest jurisdiction to threaten further legal action against the company should it choose to continue its operations under its current system. Uber is now facing dozens of legal actions all over the country challenging its business practices, […]

The corporate structure of lemonade stands

Let’s say your family decides to set up a lemonade stand on a random Saturday.  You get the ingredients, set up a table and signs, and start selling.  You are operating as a sole proprietor.  A sole proprietor is simply the name given to someone who starts engaging in a business by herself without setting […]

Intellectual Property: Who Owns It?

Businesses often hire people to create work that is considered intellectual property under the Copyright Act.  Examples include logos, books, newspaper articles, and (crucially in today’s environment) software code and website content.  In a traditional employer/employee relationship, the rights to intellectual property created within the scope of the employment belong to the employer. However, companies […]