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Trust fund doggie?

When considering what should happen with a person’s financial resources after his or her death, many people do put something aside for the care of their pets, including naming “guardians” and setting aside funds in a “pet trust” for the benefit of the pet. However, pet trusts are usually just enough to pay a pet’s basic expenses: food, vet visits, […]

Pet cemetery story on Channel 6

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on the legal status of pet cemeteries in Idaho.  Channel 6 picked up the story last night.

Pet cemeteries

I recently had occasion to do some research regarding the legal status of pet cemeteries in Idaho. Unlike in some States, it appears there are no laws specifically regarding the creation or maintenance of pet cemeteries here. The question then arises: what is someone buying if someone buys a plot at a pet cemetery? The […]

Dealing with my neighbor — fences

Some time ago, I posted about dealing with the neighbors when it comes to trees.  This entry will be about another common neighbor issue — fences.  Unlike trees, the topic of fences has its very own Title in the Idaho statutes (Title 35).  Rightly or wrongly, this puts it on a level with other Titles, […]

Repo a pet?

I recently attended a continuing legal education seminar on animal law.  I hadn’t previously thought of all the crazy issues that can arise with animals.  For example, did you ever think of the repo man coming to repo a pet?  It can happen — loans to purchase pets can be secured by a lien on […]