Changes are afoot

We’ve undergone several major changes at Learned Lawyer over the past month. First, Helen has left us to travel to Uganda to do good work there. We wish her the best of luck!

We’ve also added two new staff members: Jynx Jenkins and Alisha Donahue. Jynx has been hired as our new paralegal. She has a degree from Shawnee State University in international relations and middle eastern studies. She also has a background working for estate planning and probate attorneys, and was once the executive assistant to a mayor in Ohio. She is married, has two kids, can prepare all five “mother sauces,” and is an accomplished musician.

Alisha has been hired as our legal secretary. She is a Boise native, has a background in early childhood education, and is a social media wizard. She is married, has four kids, and a “face for wigs.” As it happens, Alisha and Scott went to junior high and high school together, so they’ve been friends a long time.

In addition to being our two newest employees, Jynx and Alisha also team up as Lady Bizness to produce comedy events in many forms: podcasts, stand-up, variety shows, sketch, an upcoming web series, and musical comedies. They are currently working together on writing a sitcom and they were recently selected together as Boise Weekly’s Best Local Comedian(s). So if you need a laugh, feel free to stop by the office.

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